Why is my cloaked redirection not working?

Cloaked redirection works through frames. Where java or flash is used in the target web page, it will 'pop' the frame and cause the cloaking not to work. In such cases where use of java and/or flash is considered essential, it is recommended that alternative means of redirection are used.

First, please remember that cloaked redirection is only a low cost alternative to full web hosting, and we recommend that our customers purchase web hosting if they have a business web site. Below is a brief explanation of cloaked redirection and how to tailor web sites to it:

The cloaking system is pretty basic - what it does is generate a frames page containing one frame whose URL is the redirected to site. This has the effect of hiding the URL displayed by the browser. However, this means that the sub-site must be slightly careful about frame / document referencing. For example, when using links in one frame to change the document in a different frame, we use the TARGET tag eg.:
where the frame's name has been set like so:

If you use the generic TARGET=\"_top\", however, then the new document will be loaded into the top level frame, replacing the cloaking frame and uncloaking the whole page.

The other area to be wary of is the JavaScript window object 'top'. top is an object reference to the browser window at the top level (ie. the cloaking frame in our case). Use of top should be avoided if a site is using cloaked redirection. Instead, the desired window should be accessed relative to the current window eg.:parent.frames[1].document etc.

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