What are the different types of IP Pointing Zone records?

Record types:

A records are for pointing a subdomain of your domain name (we have used domainname.com as the example domain name in place of your domain name) [whatever].domainname.com at a specific IP address. For example use this to make home.domainname.com point at your home machine's IP address.
CNAME records are for making [whatever].domainname.com an alias for another name.
MX records are for specifying where mail should be delivered for [whatever].domainname.com.
NS records are for specifying the name server(s) for [whatever].domainname.com for making sub domains.

A record notes:

A records require a valid IP address. They can be used to point a sub domain (virtual domain)(eg. home.domainname.com) to the specified IP address.
This is an ideal service for anyone who has a server with an IP address (eg a machine at home on cable/DSL/ADSL), but who does not wish to run name servers for that domain. If you wish to continue to use Econs for web hosting then don't set an A record for www.domainname.com

MX record notes:

MX (mail exchange) records require a host address (eg. mail.econs.net). Please note, you must put a '.' on the end of the address if you do not wish 'yourdomainname.com' to be added onto it.
These records can be used to specify where mail gets delivered for a sub-domain (eg. home.domainname.com). These also take a priority, which is a number that is used to determine the order of preference of the mail servers (lower numbers are higher priority).

NS record notes:

NS (name server) records require a host address (eg. ns1.futuresouls.com). Please note, you must put a '.' on the end of the address if you do not wish 'domainname' to be added onto it.
These records are used to specify the authoritative name server(s) for a sub-domain (eg. home.domainname.com).
To change the name servers for the entire domain, go to 'Name server transfer'.

CNAME record notes:

CNAME records (domain alias) take a host name (eg. www.econs.net). Please note, you must put a '.' on the end of the address if you do not wish 'domainname.com' to be added onto it.
This option is useful if you wish to make a sub-domain the same as another host. Eg set ftp.domainname.com as a CNAME for www.domainname.com so all ftp requests go to the web server.

Note: Zone records are updated four times a day, so any changes should be effective within six hours. However, in order to activate any changes you must click 'Complete order' once you have finished in the shop and follow any instructions until the order is completed.

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