Setting Up An E-Mail Account on Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Before you set up a mail account, you must have the following information:

1 : Your user name
2 : Your email address
3 : The incoming and outgoing mail server names

Please follow these steps to setup your account on android device :

1 : Tap the Launcher button
2 : Find the email App in your applications list and tap it
3 : Enter your email address and password then tap the Manual Setup button
4 : Tap the POP3 button on the account type screen
5 : Check your username is correct and set the POP Server address in the POP3 Server field [ mail.yourdomainname.ext ], then tap Next
6 : Update the SMTP Server field with your SMTP server [ mail.yourdomainname.ext ] and set the port to 25. Your username and password should be the same as the previous screen.
7 : Leave the [ Require Sign in. ] checkbox checked and press Next.
8 : Check the checkbox "Send email from this account by default"
9 : Set the name of the account and type your name into the Your name field. Your name is the name that will appear on your recipients email.
10: You will then be taken to your inbox. It may take several minutes to sync your email depending on your mailbox size

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