Add [] in the Safe List of your hotmail / live email account Follow these steps to add our domain name [ ] in the safe list of your hotmail / live... Anti-Virus Safety Tips Anti-Virus Safety Effective protection from email viruses requires multiple lines of defense.... Can you help me with a Step by Step cgi-script Configuration Guide? Steps to ensure scripts run on Easyspace servers (The path to perl 5.004 on easyspace servers is... Email going in JUNK/BULK folders of Your emails being recieved in JUNK/BULK folders of Hotmail/Yahoo has some... Glossary of Internet Terms Glossary of Internet Terms  Question Do you provide an interactive help... Glossary of Terms for Web Hosting AppletAn applet is a small executable module, that normally doesn't have the complete features... How can data be uploaded on site ? For data uploading diffeeret uploading softwares are available but a more easy and flexible... How do I troubleshoot my cgi-bin? First refer to the step by step setup guide to ensure the scripts have been uploaded and setup... My FTP connection disconnected The server will automatically disconnect you if your FTP session remains inactive for a period of... My FTP connection timed out If your FTP connection timed out without connecting, check your FTP settings to make sure you... PHP and Formmail You can use a Formmail script and PHP which can be downloaded from... Perl PROBLEM: When you use a Common Gateway Interface (CGI) application with Microsoft Internet... Stress testing tools Following is some links for stress testing tools and information about it:... Uploading your web pages - quick guide FTP SOFTWARE : FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol and the software is used to transfer... Useful Internet Website Links Whois links the .nl registry whoisThe .tv whoisThe .tc .gs .ms .vg whois linkA normal web... What are the common software applications available with your Econs servers? What are they for? LINUX ApacheEximMySQLBindPerlPHP Apache is the web serving software of Linux Exim is the... What is SSL ? (pronounced as separate letters) Short for Secure Sockets Layer, a protocol developed by Netscape... What is cgi-bin? What is a cgi-bin? A cgi-bin is a directory used on your webserver account to process programs... What is php? PHP is a server-side, cross-platform, HTML embedded scripting language. Recommended PHP... What is the IP address of my web site? Except in exceptional situations (for example allowing an upload prior to a name server change... Will Econs move my domain to my new server for me? You will be responsible for uploading your site to your server. You must have a registered domain... [ASP/PHP] Emailing Code Problems There is email code in the following page: http://www.*******.com/ordersample.aspx When I press...
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