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Steps to ensure scripts run on Easyspace servers (The path to perl 5.004 on easyspace servers is :/bin/perl )

Software you will need
An FTP program will need to be used to upload your files and change permissions. We recommend the use of WS_FTP which can be obtained as a free evaluation from Ipswitch

Uploading the cgi scripts
The cgi-scripts will need to be uploaded to the cgi-bin directory in your home directory. If this directory is not present it can be created using your FTP software. When uploading the files ensure that they are transferred in UNIX ASCII mode rather than Binary mode.

Setting the script permissions
The permissions will need to be set on these scripts to allow them to be executed on the server. Using WS_FTP this can be done by right clicking on the file and selecting the CHMOD UNIX option. The script will need to have execute checked for all groups (CHMOD 755)

Setting the path to perl
Your scripts may not run correctly yet, this will be because the path to perl on our servers has not been specified in the script.
The path to perl 5.004 on Easyspace servers is :
so the first line of all perl scripts will look like
The script can be edited on the server using WS_FTP by right clicking on the file and selecting the edit option.

Using sendmail
If the script you are uploading needs to send emails from the server you will need to specify the location of the mail program. We do not supply direct sendmail access for the security of all our customers but our easymail service emulates sendmail in most respects.
The location of easymail should be specified as:
if the | is not used later in the script.

This often needs to be set as the $mailprog in many formmail scripts.

The easymail program, accepts only the -t and -f options that sendmail accepts, all other options have been deactivated. Below is an example on how you can call the easymail program from your own scripts.

open( EZMAIL, "|/bin/easymail -t" ) or return 1;
print EZMAIL "From: To: ";
print EZMAIL "Subject: This is a test message ";
print EZMAIL "Cc:,, ";
print EZMAIL "Bcc:,, ";
print EZMAIL "X-Priority: 1 ";
print EZMAIL "Reply-To: ";
print EZMAIL "Organization: Easyspace Ltd. ";
print EZMAIL " This is a test message, to show how you can use the easymail script ";
print EZMAIL " . ";
close( EZMAIL );

Form mail
A sample form and cgi script can be downloaded from our faq section at
Sample formmail script
This will not require any modifications to run on Easyspace webservers.

Setting the absolute server path to your files
If your cgi scripts require the absolute path to your website files this will need to be specified as :
It is very important that the path begins with a /

If you still receive error messages please check through the steps above which will solve 99% of problems. If you continue to receive error messages please contact support with as much information as possible including script location/URL and html pages which refer to the relevant script

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