Setting Email Account Using Eudora Print

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1. Open Eudora
2. Open Tools menu
3. Click on personalities
4. Right click on left menu [ You can directly reach here just selecting the personality tab in the left menu]
5. Click New.....
6. In wizard check [ skip directly to advanced account setup] then click OK
7. Click FINISH
8. Fill the form and SMTP server will be []
[ Remember: If this SMTP setting doesn't work then you can use your isp's smtp ]
9. Uncheck Authentication required
10. Uncheck Use Relay Personality, if defined
11. Click on Incoming Mail
12. Check POP
13. Check Leave mail on server
[ If you want to download all mails then don't do this ]
14. Authentication style > check Password
15. Click OK

If it does not work after this settings then we are not resposible, as we don't provide help for 3rd party softwares we can provide settings for such software, if any.

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