Important Announcement! for WordPress Users

  • Wednesday, 28th July, 2021
  • 11:52am

Dear Customers Greetings!


We hope you are well,


Respected Sir, most customers build their websites in WordPress and do not update their websites after creation; which causes problems in their websites.

It has been observed many times that WordPress plugins or WordPress versions are very old or conflict with each other and take the form of viruses and sometimes become scripts and start spamming or scan the server's ports; due to which the server considers it as hacking attempt and shuts down the website or deletes or deactivates this plugin or file by considering the virus.

And the website stops running or is replaced by another page or error.

Server security is our primary responsibility but website maintenance and security is your responsibility.

You must first optimize your websites and always keep your website up to date.

If a website that has been running for many years suddenly shuts down or crashes or gets infected, this is not a server problem.

Please properly watch and maintain your websites.

In this regard, we can provide you web admin services, we warmly welcome you as our web host.

You can contact us with full confidence without hesitation to get the best web maintenance services.

We will gladly accept responsibility for your web hosting and website maintenance services.

Contact our sales team now for a website maintenance contract.

For communication and guidance۔

Regards Team


Muhammad Amir Riaz

0092 300 5132226

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