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Whois links

the .nl registry whois
The .tv whois
The .tc .gs .ms .vg whois link
A normal web based whois geek tools
Another web based whois dns411
whois for .ac domains
whois for .sh domains
.IE whois

Registry links

All the different tlds and registries
.cn faqs


CGI Stuff Matt's Script Archive: CGI Resources Index: CGI Made Really Easy: scriptsearch:


ASP Help activeServerPages Info galore for ASP users. activeServer BBS Another place to discuss Active Server Pages asp at Microsoft 15 Seconds Online magazine for ASP. Action Jackson Web Developer Central ASP Resource ASP Resource Index

FTP online web interface to access hosting WS_FTP LE WS_FTP : Downloading

Free web searchengine Add a free Searchengine to your website

Web Design Newview Recommended Web Design Company Low-cost Web Design Company

HTML and javascripts help Freeware HTML Editor: Web Tools made easy The HTML Writers Guild: .NET Magazine:

Graphics Arttoday: Xat Graphics: Clipart: Media Builder:


Phone Numbers UK British Telecom JFax International Dialing codes

Phone from a PC Media Ring Internet Telephone

Help on the NET Modem Help: winzip: More Modem Help: Driver Info: Tom's Hardware: Web Novice: Internet List Links Galore

Counters and Statistics FXweb counter: Hitbox counter: Global Internet Statistics: Web Site Tools: Nedstat: Counters and Statistics - Belgium Nedstat: Counters and Statistics - Spain Nedstat: Counters and Statistics - France Nedstat: Counters and Statistics - Netherlands Nedstat: Counters and Statistics - Sweden Nedstat: Counters and Statistics - United Kingdom Nedstat: Counters and Statistics - United States

Internet Security Internet Police: Antifraud: Internet Watch:

Nominet & Internic Contacts Nominet Contact: Internic/Make changes: Internic/Make Modifications: Internic/Make Payments:

Response-o-Matic Forms Using Response-o-Matic Forms:

Download Tucows Download:

Submit your Website Submit to Search Engines: the net's first and only URL Registration Shareservice improve your positioning in search engines by... A Helpful Guide To Web Search Engines

Frontpage Tips Front Page Tips: Microsoft Frontpage A-Z of Front Page: Microsoft Knowledgebase Microsoft Knowledgebase: Ready-To-Run RTR Frontpage Support: MicroSoft Support Info:

Frontpage Tutorials

Read your POP3 mail on the Web Read your POP3 account on the Web:

Maps on the Internet UK Street Maps: UK Area Information: World Maps:

Currency-Converter Currency Converter:

Management, Leadership, Learning Organizations Learning Organizations:

E-Commerce Web Position: Actinic E-Com: Usit: Guerrilla Marketing Tips on Marketing: Nua:Web Marketing Copromote Internet copromote

POP3 and MS Exchange
Here is a link to third party software needed to use POP3 and MSExchange

Web Archive History
Archive Site for old websites

Gaining Names and Modifying Details for the and Domains

Nominet is the Registry for domains and they are free for schools

General for simple expalnations of complex issues

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