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Article Adding new domain in HELM [ Resellers Only ]
[1] Login to HELM [ Using your reseller login information ] [2] Click on Users [3] Click on Add...
Views: 1669
Article CDOSYS Sample Email Code
<% Dim ObjSendMail Dim iConf Dim Flds   Set ObjSendMail =...
Views: 2156
Article Creating application/virtual Directory in HELM
By default all \wwwroot folders are already configured as application directories. This allows...
Views: 2427
Article Creating SQL Server DataBase in HELM
i : Login to HELM using your information ii : Click on [ Domains ] iii : Now click on the row...
Views: 2213
Article Frontpage Editing
QUESTION ------------------------------------------------------ How frontpage could be used to...
Views: 1319
Article HELM Navigation
i : Login to HELM using your information ii : Click on [ Domains ] iii : Now click on the row...
Views: 1649
Article How can I change my hosting account password ?
If you want to change your web hosting account's password and you know your current login...
Views: 1271
Article How can I check my website stats?
You can view Awstats only if it is enabled in your account. First, log into HELM via...
Views: 3449
Article How to create virtual directory in HELM?
Follow these steps to create a virtual directory : Login to HELM Click on Domains Click on your...
Views: 1594
Article I get a IISPassword error HTTP ERROR 500 when I try to view my site.
The reason you are seeing this is generally because you have a .htaccess file in your directory....
Views: 2443
Article Interactive HELM Tutorial
Follow this url to get access to Interactive HELM Tutorial....
Views: 3759
Article Internal clients cannot use Internet Explorer to access FTP sites
SYMPTOMS When you use Microsoft Internet Explorer to try to access a File Transfer Protocol...
Views: 1655
Article Modifying an Email Account
Follow these steps to modify your email account : [1] Login to HELM using following information...
Views: 1829
Article MS Access DSN Connection Example
<% set rs=Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset") db="DSN=MyDSN;UID=;PWD=;" SQL = "SELECT *...
Views: 1358
Article MS Access DSN Less Connection Example
Here is the example code for dsn less ms access connection. <% Set db =...
Views: 1620
Article Perl
PROBLEM: When you use a Common Gateway Interface (CGI) application with Microsoft Internet...
Views: 1533
Article SQL Server Connection String
string str = 'server=localhost;database=dbname;uid=dbuser;pwd=dbpass;'; dbname : Your Database...
Views: 1429
Article Uploading / Updating Microsoft SQL Server DataBase
1 : Upload your local database files [ LDF & MDF ] any where in WWW folder. Theses database...
Views: 1423

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