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Article Acquiring a domain post expiry
If you want to acquire a domain name which you think will not be renewed, it is still better to...
Views: 1358
Article Can I set up links between my domains?
Web Linking is a service which will automatically link two domains which are on
Views: 1358
Article CName Information
What is a CNAME? CNAME-Records (Canonical name for an alias) CNAME-records are domain name...
Views: 1789
Article Domain Name Availability
.com, .net and .org domain name availability is verified by Easyspace and other accredited...
Views: 1432
Article Domain Name Availability Search
Two searches are performed when you do an availability search for a domain. The first tries to...
Views: 1328
Article Domain Name Ownership
The owner of a domain can be a company, individual or organization. Ownership belongs to the...
Views: 1380
Article Domain Status [ ACTIVE ]
Immediately upon registration a domain name becomes ACTIVE, meaning that it is not available for...
Views: 1628
Article Domain Status [ PENDING DELETE ]
Once a domain name leaves the redemption period status it goes into PENDING DELETE status. Under...
Views: 2603
Article Domain Status [ REDEMPTION PERIOD ]
Once a domain name leaves the registrar-hold status it goes into REDEMPTION PERIOD status....
Views: 2430
Article Domain Status [ REGISTRAR-HOLD ]
Once a domain name expires, it will usually move to the REGISTRAR-HOLD status. Although the...
Views: 1294
Article How can I setup MX records on my domain name?
To set up the domain name to send all emails to your own mail server you will need a Static IP...
Views: 1363
Article How do I setup/order/change a redirection service?
Create a Support Request to get the following services.
Views: 1453
Article How long does registration take
Registration of .com, .net, .org domain names may take 24/48 hours to propagate around the...
Views: 1599
Article I have a dynamic IP address, how can I set up a server on my broadband connection?
If you have a dynamic IP address i.e. it changes and does not stay the same and you cannot get a...
Views: 1527
Article IP pointing / zone changes
To Allow IP pointing / zone changes just follow these easy instructions. If you do not...
Views: 1454
Article My domain is in the redemption period. Should I redeem it or wait until it is deleted?
It is becoming increasingly common for domains to be back ordered. Domains are commonly being...
Views: 1328
Article Sample of letterhead for domain
Kindly provide us letterhead from the head of the institute with signature and seal (stamp) of...
Views: 3750
Article What are the different types of IP Pointing Zone records?
Record types: A records are for pointing a subdomain of your domain name (we have used...
Views: 2116
Article What is a domain name?
A domain name is an area on the Internet which identifies your company, organization, a...
Views: 1430
Article Where will my Domain Name reside?
Econs provides name servers upon registration of new domain names. A Domain Name server is a...
Views: 1261
Article Who owns my domain name?
The Registrant or person or organization listed in "Whois Information" owns the Domain Name for...
Views: 2139
Article Why is my cloaked redirection not working?
Cloaked redirection works through frames. Where java or flash is used in the target web page, it...
Views: 2684

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